QA InfoTech Privacy Policy

QA InfoTech app uses the own authentication service to authenticate and authorize the user, so having a QA InfoTech account is a prerequisite of using the main features of the application. Employee of QA InfoTech can contact fellow employees, managers and senior manager and higher management of the company. Upon contact sync, contacts of QA InfoTech will be copied to local phone directory.

  1. Call functions. One employe can make a call to other employe at QA InfoTech.
  2. Sync Contact. With the application the user(employe at QA InfoTech) has to save all the contact available in their account. This functionality is not available for the users who are not employe at QA InfoTech.
  3. Communications. We may use the information we collect or receive to communicate with you directly. For example, An employee may receive call from another employee at QA InfoTech.
  4. Device and software requirements. The application requires Android API level 16, but some functions may be only available on devices with an Android version larger than a certain Android version. The app is tested on devices with normal hdpi, normal xhdpi and normal xxhdpi type screens, the user interface may not be correct on other devices. The application is being developed with SAMSUNG S6, Motorola G4 Plus and OnePlus One devices, user experience may vary on other devices. If you find any inconsistencies, please contact us at with the problem and the type of your device.
  5. Deleting your information. Uninstalling QA InfoTech app doesn’t mean deleting your account. You don’t need to sign-out from the app before uninstalling the app to completely delete your information. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at